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Miles With The Giant-
September 21st 

Hundreds of volunteers are needed to help on race weekend.  If you have some spare time and want to be part of an exciting event in our community, please complete the volunteer registration form at www.thunderbaymarathon.com under the "Want to help" tab.

Youth volunteers can receive letters of certification of their involvement to apply towards education credit requirements.

Miles with the Giant will donate funds to any community/charity groups or sports' teams who can provide a minimum of ten, 18+ volunteers to act as road marshals on race day. We want to work in partnership with organizations throughout the city to improve the event for Thunder Bay; while supporting the projects and goals of various organizations in the community.

We encourage dressing up in your uniforms, t-shirts, painting your face, playing music, bringing your banner and having fun while encouraging the race participants and promoting your own organization! It is great exposure for your organization and a quick and exciting way to make some extra funds for your own fundraising initiatives.

Contact Marianne at volunteer@thunderbaymarathon.com or call 807-625-2149 !


Each month we will post volunteers that organizations have nominated to be a part of that month’s Volunteers of the Month. These volunteer will not only be featured on our website but as well as on NetNewsLedger and on our Facebook page.

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We are a non-profit charitable organization who relies on fund-raising and various program funding programs when available.

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