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Achieve Ontario is an official, standardized volunteer experience record that allows organizations and community members to acknowledge the immense contributions made by volunteers. It recognizes the skills, tasks, time and talent that goes into each volunteer opportunity and elevates outstanding individuals.
Achieve Ontario allows volunteer managers to create certificates outlining their volunteers’ skills and training—a great recognition strategy for volunteers who are looking for work or hoping to bump up their resume.

Our Achieve Ontario certified user training session will show you how to use the Achieve Ontario system, add volunteers and roles, and print certificates. Get ready to create certificates for your volunteers and show your appreciation in a meaningful new way!
If you want to start using Achieve Ontario to recognize your valued volunteers, you must attend one of our Achieve Ontario training and certification workshops.

An overview of Achieve Ontario
The new Achieve Ontario system means that people who develop, grow or showcase their skills while volunteering can now receive a certificate created to meet their needs.
The Hon. Michael Coteau, Minister Responsible for the 2015 Pan/Parapan American Games launched this new skills-based volunteer recognition system in Toronto on April 14th 2015, as a legacy project of the games.

A new skills-based era in volunteer recognition
Voluntary organizations can now move beyond the traditional ways of thanking and recognizing volunteers.
Now volunteers can receive an Achieve certificate that lists the tasks and skills they used as a volunteer. They also detail key aspects of a volunteer’s experience, such as hours of volunteering completed, activities performed, special achievements or training obtained and special comments by supervisors.

Who needs to know about the Achieve certificates?
But some people may be in a situation where they are more likely to benefit from having an Achieve certificate.
For example, we anticipate anyone looking to advance their careers can benefit from having a certificate especially newcomers to Canada or anyone looking to take their career in a new direction.
Youth can benefit when they are striving for their goals. Employers and people involved in education need to know how Achieve certificates can assist their decision-making and help students. Voluntary organizations need to know about how this new era in volunteer recognition can help them attract volunteers.

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