Volunteer Management Workshop

Volunteer Management

  a954e054-c3ee-4539-b337-a9e020679e24 Volunteer Thunder Bay and the Thunder Bay Association of Volunteer Administrators have partnered with Volunteer Toronto to offer a highly specialized training workshop specifically for leaders, managers and coordinators of volunteers.
Volunteer Toronto has launched/developed specialized volunteer management training to address the unique challenges facing volunteer managers across Ontario, to increase the capacity and better engage volunteers across five (5) non-profit areas.

The 5 non-profit areas are:

  • Festivals and Fairs (retaining volunteers in seasonal programs, etc.),
  • Hospital Programs and Associations (volunteer training, roles and responsibilities of volunteer managers and chairs etc.),
  • Long-Term Care Homes and Hospice Programs (effective role planning, establishing and enforcing volunteer boundaries, etc.),
  • Mentoring Programs (volunteer match management and supervision, etc.),
  • Sports Leagues and Associations (effective training for seasonal volunteering, understanding “who is a volunteer” within the membership, etc.).

Based on the findings of the carried out needs assessment, these are the final sub-sectors and the main volunteer management challenges most non-profit organization face.


All participants will register for any of the five non-profit areas through the project’s web page:

  1. Learn Online:
    Click on “Register Here” to go directly to the OVCN Learning Space.
  2. Create a New Account for first-time users: 
    This account will allow you to register for any of our online learning opportunities.
    Choose your area of work (sub-sector), then get started!

For more information or any other inquiries, email Volunteer Thunder Bay at