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How to get started

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Welcome to Volunteer Thunder Bay’s new website!

This is a step by step guide to assist member organizations of Volunteer Thunder Bay with posting volunteer opportunities and managing volunteer sign ups.

Log In

  1. Visit
  2. Mouse over the “Organizations” tab, select “Recruit Volunteers”
  3. On the left under “Attention Members”, click “Log In”
  4. Enter Username & Password, click the “Log In” button
  5. Once logged in, click the “Events” tab on the left

Add Event (aka Volunteer Opportunity Posting)

  1. Click “Add Event”
  2. “Enter title here” (This is what volunteers see and this is what will attract them to look at your opportunity.)
  3. Enter content (Note any specific tasks, age restrictions, orientation, meetings, etc. Describe the volunteer project.)
  4. On the top right “When” enter dates (If dates are for longer then one day, enter todays date to the last day of the volunteer opportunity for recruiting purposes. Mark them as “All day” until there is a specific time for an event.)
  5. On the middle right “Event Categories” (If it is one day it goes under “Event Opportunity”. If it is more than one day it goes under “Ongoing Opportunity”.)
  6. Scroll down to “Where” (If there is no physical location, click the box. If there is a location, enter the details.)
  7. Scroll down to “Bookings/Registration” (Click “Enable volunteer sign ups for this event”.)
  8. Under “Task Name”, you will see “Standard Task” (Click “Edit”, change the “Name” to something more specific example: Office Assistant, change the “Spaces” to how many volunteers you need and add extra for backups, change “At most” to the number 1.)
  9. Under “Booking Cut-Off Date” select the last date possible that you will allow volunteers to sign up (Keep in mind the time needed to contact the volunteer to confirm the volunteer’s availability.)
  10. Scroll down to “Banner” (Create a “Title”, “Sub Title”, “Description” if you wish. Only the “Title” is required and the other are optional.)
  11. You are almost done! Scroll up on the right to “Publish” (Click “Submit for Review”)
  12. Congratulations, you have just added your volunteer opportunity to our database!

Bookings (aka Volunteer Sign Ups)

  1. Click “Bookings”
  2. Bookings allows you to see “Recent Bookings” which are all the volunteers that have signed up for your “Events” (aka Volunteer Opportunities)
  3. Clicking on a “Name” will show you the volunteer’s “Personal Details” as well as “Past And Present Bookings”
  4. Clicking on an “Event” will show you all of the volunteers who have signed up for that event. (There is also an “Add Booking” button at the top that allows you to add volunteers to the event manually.)
  5. Clicking on “Edit/View” will allow you to see all the details associated with that “Booking” (aka Volunteer Sign Up). You can scroll down to “Modify Booking” to make changes and click “Submit Changes” when done.
  6. Clicking on “Reject” will allow you to reject a volunteer who has signed up for your opportunity (This is to be used to cancel a volunteer’s sign up if they are unable to log in and do it themselves. The will receive an email showing the sign up was rejected.)
  7. Clicking on “Delete” will make the sign up disappear as if it never happened (Volunteers will not receive an email notification.)
  8. This is a Volunteer Management System, spend some time getting familiar with all the capabilities and it will make keeping track of your volunteers much easier.

Customize Your Profile

  1. Click the “Profile” tab on the left if you would like to add organization details, change the color scheme, etc. (Have fun and customize it how you wish, this is your “user profile” and you will be here often.)

Explore, click away, and learn more!  There is nothing on the website that we cannot undo at Volunteer Thunder Bay if necessary and all “Events” are reviewed prior to being published.  This system was created to make your job easier and we hope it makes a big difference for all of our members, volunteers and our community.

If you have any questions, please email

We are happy to help!


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