About Us

Our programs and services benefit both agencies that utilize volunteers and individuals interested in volunteering.

Our Mission

Volunteer Thunder Bay is a leader in promoting, supporting and developing volunteerism in Thunder Bay and region to enhance the quality of life for all.

Our Vision

To have communities where volunteerism is engaged, nurtured and valued!

Our Goals

  • Promoting volunteerism and its personal, organizational and societal benefits.
  • Connecting people with opportunities within Thunder Bay and outlying communities.
  • Providing leadership through guidance, services and resources to the voluntary sector.
  • Building partnerships and memberships with agencies, corporate sponsors andĀ stakeholders.
  • Financial Sustainability and growth within the organization.

About Volunteer Thunder Bay

Since 1970, Volunteer Thunder Bay has been a leader in the development of volunteer participation. We are one of about 15 volunteer centres in Ontario and 200 across Canada. Our programs and services benefit both agencies that utilize volunteers and individuals interested in volunteering. We are funded through grants, presentations and workshops, fundraising efforts and memberships.

About Volunteer Centres

Volunteer Centres exist primarily to foster and develop volunteerism in the community as a whole. Volunteer Centres engage in four general kinds of activities:

  1. Promoting Volunteerism – Volunteer Centres raise the awareness of the power of service, encourage people to volunteer, provide information about volunteerism and recognize contributions of volunteers.
  2. Building Capacity for Effective Local Volunteering – Volunteer Centres help voluntary sector organizations, and other groups and individuals that work with volunteers, do a better job recruiting, managing and retaining volunteers.
  3. Providing Leadership on Issues Relating to Volunteerism – Volunteer Centres serve as a convenor for the community and a catalyst for action. They work through local partnerships and collaborations with various groups and organizations, government, schools and community leaders to identify needs and mobilize volunteer response.
  4. Connecting People with Opportunities to Serve – Volunteer Centres provide people with easy access to a wide variety of opportunities to connect to their communities through service.

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