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Volunteer with St. John Ambulance – a life-changing experience

We are proud of the 12,000 plus front-line volunteers that are part of the St. John Ambulance community in Canada. These volunteers put in more than one million hours of their own time every year, and while they do it for the greater good, they also do it because of the sense of achievement it gives them.

Here at St. John Ambulance, we’re all about community – teaching life-saving skills to help the community, providing community support through our volunteer services, and creating a sense of community in the process.

Volunteering – keeping St. John Ambulance going
Our volunteers are the driving force behind our vital community services – the Therapy Dog program, Youth Program, Emergency Response, and Medical First Responders.
All St. John Ambulance product sales and training registrations support these community services, and without our volunteers, these services would not be possible.

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