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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin looking for a place to volunteer?
Contact us by emailing or browse our website to find out about hundreds of volunteer opportunities offered by almost 60 non-profit organizations in our community.
Why do people volunteer?
People volunteer for a variety of reasons. Volunteers often:

  • Meet new people
  • Discover strengths and talents
  • Feel good about yourself
  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Explore career options
  • Get to know the community
  • Put spare time to good use
  • Take pride in sharing knowledge and abilities
  • Stay healthy
  • Have fun!

What rights do I have as a volunteer?
As a volunteer you are entitled to:

  • Be treated as a coworker
  • Be given worthwhile tasks
  • Receive an orientation, including information about the agency and its programs
  • Receive appropriate training for the volunteer position
  • Be supervised and know who you can go to for answers to your questions and help with your problems
  • Be recognized for your contributions

What general responsibilities will I have as a volunteer?
As a volunteer, you should:

  • Honour your commitment, but if you cannot keep your commitment, let the agency know as soon as possible
  • Be accountable for your actions
  • Work as a team player
  • Be reliable and punctual
  • Fulfill duties asked of you
  • Respect confidential matters
  • Be considerate and respectful of others